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OOC: MUSASHI AND HIRUMA INFILTRATE SEIBU WITH SKILLS LIKE CHEETAHS. - 武蔵 厳, ムサシ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
武蔵 厳, ムサシ

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武蔵 厳, ムサシ
Musashi was taking a much needed catnap on the clubhouse's couch when he felt something tickle his nose. He smacked at it, opening his eyes. "Uh..?"

Hiruma withdrew the strip of paper and smirked. "Get your ass up, fucking old man, we're going for a drive."

"Ngh." Musashi rolled over. "You mean you need me to drive?"

"What I said." Hiruma hooked a finger beneath the collar of Musashi's shirt and pulled, cutting off his air supply. "Come on, move it."

Musashi sleepily wrapped an arm around Hiruma neck and rolled over on him. "Five minutes, I'm tired."

"The fuck you doing?!" the blond spat, shaking him off and jolting back to his feet. "Think I'm your fucking girlfriend or something?!"

"Sure." Musashi rolled his eyes and stretched. "I'm your ride, aren't I? C'mon." He sauntered out of the clubhouse, stooping to grab his bag and keys.

Hiruma trailed after him, grumbling and hefting his semiautomatic rifle like a security blanket.

"Where're we going?" Musashi opened Hiruma's door for him and went around to hop into the driver's seat.


"What? Why."

"Scouting, smartass," Hiruma replied, all his usual flair returned as he settled on the seat with the rifle propped between his legs.

Musashi started up his truck and puttered out of the parking lot. "Should've brought my camo."

"Give over the humor, it doesn't work for you. Besides, we want the fucker to notice us."

"Hm." Musashi shrugged and drove quietly. No more humor was issued.

The buildings of Seibu High were noticeable from a mile away. Someone had gone to great lengths to make the original concrete-and-plaster houses over into something resembling a ranch, with indifferent success. There was even a huge cow skull with impressive horns hanging over the gate. Hiruma looked up at it as they drove past. "Homey."

Grunt. Park. Exit.

"Something crawl up your ass and die?" Hiruma inquired sweetly as they walked over to the main building. In the interest of maintaining cover the blond had left his rifle in the car, and was probably only carrying three or four firearms in total.

"No." Musashi  pulled on a beanie to cover his recognizable hair and stuck his hands in his pockets.

"Great, so lighten the fuck up, will you?"

"I'm lightened! Jeez. You're one to talk."

"That's different. Everybody knows I'm a manly, silent sorta guy."

At this, Musashi did laugh a little.

"What?! It's true!" Hiruma huffed.

"Uh-huh." Musashi had to ruffle his hair at the expense of his own life.

Hiruma chased him the rest of the way into the building, hissing and spitting.

"You're blowing our cover!!"

"I'm gonna blow more than that when I get my hands on you, asshole!"



"N-nothing!" Musashi tried to get himself under control. "So, we're here."

Yeah. Now to find a certain cowboy-hatted guy, shake him round a bit and see what we may rattle."

"He doesn't shake very easily...you going to bring up his background?" Musashi raised an eyebrow.

"And what'd you know about that, fucking old man?"



"Should I not know?"

"You been fucking with my laptop or something?"

"What? No...I wouldn't know how to get past all your crap."

"Good." His good mood apparently restored, Hiruma turned down one of the side corridors. "Oughta be this way."
"What oughta be that way, exactly..." Musashi lowered his voice.

"Electricity mains."

"What the..I am not
going to help you sabatoge..."

"You don't hafta help, just keep an eye out." Hiruma smirked back at Musashi over his shoulder. "'course, you're the one with the professional competence. If I just start flipping switches at random I might really fuck something up."

Musashi blanched a little, but raised an eyebrow. "Don't think you can fool me with that...we both know how smart you are."

"As the fucking dread proves," Hiruma grinned, "just 'cause you're smart doesn't mean you know shit."

"I'm not doing anything to the electricity."

"Suit yourself." They'd reached what had to be the door to the basement. "You gonna help me open this or should I shoot the lock off?"

Surprisingly, Musashi had picked a lot of locks in his day. Many people forgot to unlock doors for his crew when they had to do jobs, so instead of calling them to come out and losing a day of work, he'd learned to open the doors himself. It was open in moments. "There."

"Thanks." Hiruma dragged him down the stairs, and crowed when the big switchbox came into view. "Got it. Now, you wanna do the sabotage, or the taping?"

Sigh. Well, they were already this far. "Which one do you want me to do."
"Electricity," Hiruma replied promptly. "In exactly five minutes from - " he glanced at his cell, "now, I want this place blacked out, got it?"
Musashi opened the switchbox and examined it, familiarizing himself with it. "The entire school?"



"Great. Five minutes, remember!" The blond was off, back up the stairs, already brandishing a mini video camera that Musashi could've sworn he hadn't had before.

He groaned...of course he'd gotten roped into doing something illegal yet again, but despite that, in exactly five minutes, he cut the power, hoping not to hear too many screams of anguish.

Ten minutes later, Hiruma came back. "Right, you can switch it back on, and then we gotta get out. I've got the janitor locked up in the lav but they're gonna get him out of there pretty soon, even working blind."

"Did you get what you were looking for?" He juiced the power and rubbed the places he'd touched with the sleeve of his shirt as an afterthought before turning to go.
Hiruma nodded approvingly at this sign of criminal experience. "Yeah, in a manner of speaking."

"Which was?"

"Fucker seems to have the whole layout of the school memorized. Didn't stumble once when the students were evacuated. Pretty good situational awareness." Hiruma shrugged. "Gotta rethink my tactics."

"Who, Kid?" Musashi tilted his head.

"Who else?"


"Anyway. Let's get back. They'd probably get suspicious if we tried anything more right now."

"Sure." Musashi followed Hiruma out into the hall, pulling his beanie down a bit more.
Musashi had just begun to think they were going to get away scot-free, but once they reached the gate, a familiar figure detached himself from the shadows and whistled at the both of them. "Shit." Musashi muttered.

"Hey," Hiruma grinned at his opposite number, as though meeting Kid here had been part of the plan all along.

"Howdy." Kid's smile was easy. "Now why'd you two go and do a think like that?"

"Thing like what?" Hiruma inquired, eyebrows climbing.

"I can see that hair of yours even in the dark."

Hiruma just shrugged.

Kid tipped his hat and opened the gate for Musashi and Hiruma with a bow. "Thanks for stopping by."

"Real nice of you," Hiruma replied, slouching off toward the truck as if he hadn't a care in the world.

Musashi nodded to Kid and followed Hiruma. Once they were out of earshot he sighed. "Damn, he's quick..."

"Yeah." Hiruma grinned. "This is gonna be fun."

"What is." Musashi started up the car.

"The game, fucking old man. What else?"

"Just checking."